Auditing Your Goals

You’ve heard me say more than a few times how one of the most powerful things you can do to grow yourself and build your success is to capture your year. I’ve been doing that for almost a decade now and it has never failed to illuminate something important or improve me and my businesses in some fundamental way.

But one of the things I haven’t talked as much about is the “auditing” part of capturing your year, aka the numbers. Now, before you run screaming, I’m not talking about over-complicated spreadsheets, but something simpler and more manageable: tracking your stats. Because numbers don’t lie (unless of course you torture them until they confess what you want!). And if you want to measure your progress and keep yourself on track to achieve your goals, you need to get quantifying. 

Every year when I sit down to set my targets for the year ahead, of course there are intangible goals (“improve people’s lives”, “be a more present parent”, etc), but almost every intangible has a tangible quality that can be counted or measured (“how many hours of their time have my clients saved by our working together”, “how many evenings did I leave my phone out of sight so I could play with my daughters before bed”, etc). 

You get where I’m going. 

So as you plan and refine and build your vision for what is to come this year and into your future, start counting. Not everything can be reduced to numbers, but many things can be measured in some way. And if you don’t count, you may be deluding yourself about just how much – or not – you are doing. 

Numbers don’t lie. So use them however you can to make sure you’re not lying to yourself.

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