Don’t Do Everything

“Seriously, another tip?”
Have you ever felt like that? You read a book or a blog or listen to a podcast and the writer/speaker keeps giving you ideas and suggestions and exercises.

I know I’ve been there. I still am. I work hard on my business and my performance so am always reading or listening to something that will help me and my business be better and grow. Learning, for me, is a life-long process (when you stop growing, you die, and all that…)

But there is also a real limit to how much I can consume AND implement. Information overload is a real thing. When I fill my head with lots of ideas and tips and tricks and habits, it can be overwhelming and just adds to the noise that I’m trying to cut out of my life.

As my dad always says “Knowledge to have and action to lack is like a load of books on an ass’s back.” So, I’ve decided to stop loading my, well, you get the idea…


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