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Ahhhhhh… I love this slow period between Christmas and new year. It’s quiet, it’s relaxed, and it seems perfectly designed for lazy days at home after all the frantic activity of the year that’s passed.

Whenever I go into seasonal hibernation-mode, I binge-watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine (or whatever TV series I am usually the last to awaken to!) and binge-read for fun (I’m currently going through a delightfully dark Finnish writer’s books).

Whatever your down time looks like, I hope it rejuvenates you and reminds you that it’s okay to do things just for you from time to time, just because you can. And that sometimes, the world and our businesses can wait – or need to wait – while we recharge.

I would love to be a part of your emotional and physical “top up” time, so I thought I’d share some of my most popular articles. These are the articles that you commented on, shared, liked, and talked about the most.

For newer members of our community, I hope you enjoy these for the first time, and for all of you who have been here with me from the beginning, I hope you get a new insight, takeaway, or ah-ha moment the second time around (I know I do!)…

>>Trolls, Haters, and Anonymous Negativity>>

>>Run Your Own Race>>

>>The Data-Driven Life>>

>>The Millionaire Next Door>>

>>The Life of the Mind>>

>>Not Balance, but Harmony>>

>>Sur-thrive-al Skills>>

>>Fire Your Clients>>

Happy reading, happy holidays, and happy (almost!) new year!

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