Leadership & Talent Development Programs


Women’s Leadership

The Women’s Leadership and Executive Accelerator Programme (LEAP) is a customized program that focuses on developing four core pillars of leadership – Vision, Values, Voice, and Visibility – to ensure that more high-caliber women develop the tools required to move successfully into leadership, board, and executive roles and progress their careers.

The LEAP helps organizations create a robust internal pipeline of high-caliber women leaders and institutionalize the pathways for talent development.

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Wellspring is an executive well-being program that arms senior leaders with the tangible tools they need to manage their time, energy, and emotions so they avoid burnout and perform at their best. Without gimmicky apps or short-sighted “hacks”, Wellspring shows leaders how to develop their tools for their unique circumstances so that their well-being is a constant state of being, not an item to tick off their to-do list or something they can download.

Wellspring recalibrates and refocuses leaders on how to do less so they can accomplish more, and throws out tired notions of work-life balance to create durable harmony. With leaders performing at their best, this inevitably creates positive ripple effects throughout their organization.

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Confident Communication and Powerful Public Speaking

The Confident Communication and Powerful Public Speaking (CCPP) program helps leaders find their unique style and shows them how to deliver key messages internally and externally with power and precision. The CCPP is ideal for anyone who is moving into more public-facing roles and needs to speak in front of industry audiences, who wants to raise the profile of their organization, or who wants to develop their communication and presentation skills.

The CCPP also helps participants audit and refine their presence, so that they project authentic confidence, expertise, and ease no matter the audience.

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Lifestyle Design

Too often leaders find themselves passively taking on roles they are promoted into or chasing titles instead of actively driving their professional path. By mid and late-career, the instability of this approach can manifest as personal or professional frustration, anxiety about what happens next, a sense that the best is behind you, or just plain old boredom.

The Lifestyle Design program is a pattern break that gives leaders the structure and space to dive into the tough questions that too often get lost on the path to career success (What do I care about? What is my legacy? What else matters to me?). Participants intentionally and thoughtfully design a total life – with work as one integral and essential part of it – that has space for all of the things they care about. It is possible to “have it all”, and the Lifestyle Design program arms participants with the practical tools to make their version of “all” a reality.

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