Your Enlightened Swagger

Enlightened swagger (n) – a Rupal-ism that describes the process of internalizing that anything is possible for you (the swagger) while owning the truth that being who you are and owning who that is doesn’t have to be an in-your-face endeavour (the enlightened part)

There’s so much noise and conflicting input we all pick up over the course of ours lives about what we “should” do, what we “should” be, what we “should” have, and how long it “should” take to get it, and if we never stop to unpack those “shoulds” we can suffer the indignity of should-ing all over ourselves!

So, before you go into auto-pilot or dive headfirst into the day or week ahead, give yourself the gift of a few minutes to yourself, by yourself, and reflect on one really important goal or ambition you’ve set for yourself. And then – and here’s the hard part – make a plan for how you will go for it in your way, on your terms and with your values as a compass. How you will make it what you want without a sideways glance at what it ‘should’ look like.

Or – to put it more simply – take your enlightened swagger for a stroll, and bring that cool-as-a-cucumber badass out of the shadows and into the world.

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